Meet “JESUS TARANTINO” Artist Showcase!

ALL TRIBE EARTH is officially announcing to the world to check out the Art of JESUS TARANTINO. He is an American Artist that works across all types of mediums and substrates. His latest creation is his “Cosmic Tribal Geometry” Series. These pieces he created, 5 in total, where painted on 48 by 48 birch wood panels. He used Acrylic, water & pen paints and glosses. For this series he describes the work as” The tackling of the abstract balance between shape, color and placement” When asked about his creative process he response ” One stroke at a time” with a smile.

Tarantino has been paint since childhood and he certainly has the body of work to prove it. Piles of notebooks full of sketches litter his studio. Stacks of paintings on wood panels on top of every open flat space. Against all 4 walls of his bed room rests dozens of “works in progress” as he says. Not to mention all of his previous Art Series that decorate the walls of his humble abode. Every wall of his home is carefully orchestrated ,as if it were a gallery display that never closes, with his own paintings and creations that express the last 10 years of his life in tecna color and shape. These expressions through his Art show a type of light and happiness Tarantino must feel deep in his heart despite his explanation of his life so far as”a long ,hard and dirty road”

We will continue to follow  the no doubt long career of this “up and coming” Artist here at ALL TRIBE EARTH. And keep you up to date with his gallery shows once he decides to unstack his masterworks and remove them from his walls to share these creations of beauty with the rest of us in the real work. Because up until now Jesus Tarantino apparently has been hording his life’s works as if they were long lost artifacts from Atlantis. When asked when his first gallery show will be? his response is “I don’t know when or where but it is going to be called  Expressions of Emotions”

You can find JESUS TARANTINO’s art on Facebook and on his Website


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