My Time at the Desert Hearts Pre-Party!

This past Saturday, I attended the Desert Hearts pre-party and Pile Palace fundraiser. In true DH fashion, vibe was king, and LA’s house and techno lovers came out for a great time. Located in a warehouse in Downtown LA, everyone danced until the sun came up.

After taking in the intimate venue, I instantly felt at home. While we were dancing, I realized everyone that even slightly bumped me when walking by apologized, something I haven’t experienced in years. This showed me the Pile Palace/ Desert Hearts Crew is curating something truly special and attracting the best energies.

The night provided powerful mixes that built more and more as we approached dawn. The steady beats and talented artists kept the whole party grooving with no signs of stopping. My favorites of the night were Rybo and Malcolm Brown- each played such heavy hitters and I found that howling was the only way I could express vocally what they were making me feel. Their sets were some of the best music I have heard in a while!

Both artists are playing Desert Hearts Festival, make sure to catch their sets if you’re going!

I am so happy I was able to go to this party, it was very refreshing to be around such genuine people having a great time. I feel recharged am so ready for festival season! If the DH pre-party is any indicator of what their festival will be like, everyone attending is guaranteed a great time, champagne, sequins, and funky beats!

Desert Hearsts


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