The Lights! The Sounds! The Beauty of Fortune’s Folly Live on St.Paddy’s Day!


The first time I saw Fortune’s Folly live was about a year ago. It was at a little bar on Willamette St. This particular show was acoustic; they only used guitar and vocals. After seeing them perform with that combo alone I was extremely impressed at the flow and comfortability the two musicians had while still flexing their individual talents. I knew at that time this band had a successful future, while considering I was only witnessing half the band perform. Sometimes Acoustic set can show a lot about a band’s potential.

Since that night, almost a year ago now, I have been meaning to see Fortune’s Follow live as the full band. I hadn’t been able to make it out to a show until last night. But in the mean time I had defiantly notice all the press they had been getting around town in local publications, As well as all the gigs that I kept seeing them on the bill for. Every time I noticed their name or picture it put a smile on my face, as I thought back to the two dedicated and talented musicians I saw play that night in the dark bar. And the hunch I had they would go place’s! Now I’m witnessing it take place!

The time finally came yesterday when I saw online an add stating the bands EP release/ St. Paddy’s day party was going to be at Lucky’s in Eugene. I thought, ok this is the show! This is the night! This is when I’m finally going to ketch back up with Fortune’s Folly and witness them live in full effect, after all these months had passed. And I am so glad I did! Me and everyone in the crowed last night was blown away by this band, their music and live energy!

During Fortune’s Folly 2 hour set they played back to back awesome original music and two well-chosen covers. The band had the crowd jumping and dancing throughout the entire show in a way most bands try to achieve but fall short! They showcased beautiful and well executed vocals, shredding guitar with perfectly used effects, swinging & jamming bass lines and powerfully rhythmic rolling drums throughout the set! This band no doubt is destined for the big time! They are a crowd pleaser that covers everything needed from a rock band to make a great show! I would highly recommend any one to see this band live if they get the opportunity!

I left the Fortune’s Folly show at Lucky’s last night with a few thought in my head: I knew these guys were going to be big! That band was well practiced, on point and amazing! I’m in Love with the lead singer! And I’m totally going to go see Fortune’s Folly again live ASAP! I believe that this is what the band wants people to think after seeing them perform live so…well done guys! Keep up the awesome work! I will be seeing you soon!

I think it’s safe to say the members of Fortune’s Folly can tell their friends/family and anyone they meet that they are in a kick ass rock band!

Find out more info on this awesome band here!



Fortune's Folly
Fortune’s Folly

2 thoughts on “The Lights! The Sounds! The Beauty of Fortune’s Folly Live on St.Paddy’s Day!

  1. I saw Fortune’s Folly recently in Medford, Oregon. They made Howies on Front Street light up like fire works on the fourth of July. You just can’t take your eyes of that beautiful lady Calysta. She dances, jumps, leaps, all while singing like an angel fell from heaven and graced us with her presence. The energy Fortune’s Folly brings is powerful and rare. Definitely a must see for sure!! I am a big fan!
    -Tonya Anders


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