MR.Skull Movie Reviews “ARRIVAL”

The Movie Arrival I would first off describe as a slow,steady and quiet film(in a good way if you can imagine)! That being said I very much enjoyed it and I believe you will to! If your wish is to fully grasp and appreciate this film you will have to have the patience and dedication to pay close attention and watch the movie till the end.

Arrival as a whole is extremely interesting and thought provoking in a subtle way. Which on the surface may seem simplistic but I have a hunch that a lot of time and energy went into making the movie have this appearance intentionally. If that is the case, as I assume, they did an extraordinary job!

The threat of the “Outsiders” in this film lays looming and ominous throughout watching, causing the tension to be very thrilling. The confusion of the situations played out in this movie made it a ” Nail Bitter”. If you have the time to commit to watching this film you are in for a cinematic suspenseful thrill ride.

In the age of CGI and special effects it was refreshing to watch a movie that was able to be captivating and exciting without blowing my mind with special efx! This movie will change you!

MR.Skull Bone Rating = 8 out of 10 Bones

4 word movie sum up= Beautiful,Thrilling, Thought Provoking

Viewing method= via Redbox rental

MR.SKULL movie Reviews
MR.SKULL movie Reviews



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