Mr.Skull Movie Reviews! “Kong”

Well………The Monkey is big. VERY BIG!

The explosions were deafening, the screams were blood curdling and the comic relief was funny so… if you want your ears not to work,your blood veins lumpy and to have a chuckle then you should see this movie!

I can’t say that I suggest for you to go see this movie but if you were curious about this film after seeing the previews, as was I, then you may want to watch it just to fulfill your wonder.  The huge monsters and beast battling, I guess, were cool but that has been done before so Kong really was nothing special in that department. The plot was kind of interesting during the build up in the film but the action packed sequences alone did quite carry the movie till then end.

The final montage at the credits with John C. Reilly will make you glad you stayed till the end as a sweet kiss goodbye from the people that made this “Block Buster”. The actors are Legends, I will say that. But Kong definitely was not the best movie to showcase their full acting potential, but better than others some of them have been in. Snakes on Plans……. chough chough. If you thought you wanted to see this movie, then see it but don’t expect much. If you kind of wanted to see it, then don’t. and if you haven’t heard of this movie then forget this review because you missed nothing.


MR.Skull Bone rating:                     (5 out of 10 Bones)

4 word movie sum up:                  Clean Clothes, Cliffs & Screams

Viewing method:                             Regal Cinema (Standard screen)

MR.SKULL movie Reviews
MR.SKULL movie Reviews

1 thought on “Mr.Skull Movie Reviews! “Kong”

  1. Thanks for the heads up I don’t think I’ll go see it . But I probably wouldn’t Have gone and seen it anyway but your review made me definitely know I’m not going to go see it.
    I’m sort of a chicken when it comes to scary movies


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