Condom Balloons,Trump Pinatas,Boots to the face! My night with Leftover Crack!

In brief, the title of this concert review sums up the Leftover Crack concert in Eugene perfectly. All of these thing were present! The makings of a night I will soon not forget!

Words can’t describe my excitement when I found out that one of my favorite punk bands from childhood was coming to Eugene Or.  It was a sliver of awesomeness in an otherwise stressful and chaotic life. Moments like this I live for. To have a break from reality and share a couple of hours with a band I have loved for so long. Headbanging to the songs live that have been the soundtrack to so many house parties and otherwise boring rides in my car.

If I had a top 10 favorite punk band list Leftover Crack, and by extension Choking Victim, would be in the top 5. I can timeline my youth through adulthood by my experiences at Leftover Crack shows. Like that time in Manhattan N.Y. when I saw them on the year anniversary of 9/11. They decorated the stage with paper mache twin towers, and used toy planes to simulate the crash- with smoke bombs for reenactment authenticity. Or the time in El Cajon CA at a Masonic center where the show ended with cops in riot gear and pepper spray. Etc. Etc. You get the gist, their shows are crazy, so needless to say I was excited at the opportunity to see them live last weekend.

As far as I’m concerned, as a hard core fan of this band, if they had played any songs from their albums live at the concert, I would have been satisfied. And they did play all of my favorite songs back to back to back. So if you are a fan of their music you will not be disappointed at a Leftover Crack concert. Loud and Heavy and offensive! Just like Punk Rock is supposed to be!

Then the theatrics, which is really what sets these guys apart from other bands live. Midway through the set out pops a pinata of our now president trump. Very authentic I may add, Orange hair, blue suit, looked like an asshole. Stza also brought out a very medieval style spiked bat and began smashing the president’s likeness on the stage. The pinata was then thrown into the pit and dismembered by the sweaty head bangers, exposing its entrails.

Inside the pinata were condoms and joints, quite appropriate for the event I might add. The crowd proceeded to blow the condoms up like balloons and threw them in the air. During the rest of the set, you could see the condom balloons bouncing around the crowd and stage. The mixture of condom balloons and blue stage lights made for a very memorable ambiance for a punk show.

The crowd was rude at times, shouting at the band obscenities and requests. I could tell the guys from Leftover Crack were annoyed by this, but after going to punk shows my whole life I know this comes with the turf. Even still, it pissed me off that people were being rude to one of my favorite bands. Most of the people in the crowd had huge smiles on their faces during the whole set. They, like me, could not have been happier to hear this band’s music live.

Crowd surfing is most certainly alive and well at a Leftover Crack show. People jumping off the stage constantly. People flying from behind. Crowd surfers coming from the front crashing into crowd surfers coming from the back. ALL of this happening on top of us against the stage. The act of crowd surfing, despite popular belief, is an art form. The masters of this art form were practicing their craft during this show. Everyone crowd surfing at the expense of us trying to headbang and watch the concert, as it should be. I definitely had a sore jaw and bump on the side of my face from when a crowd surfers boot connected with my head (not the first time this has happened nor the last).

A punk show wouldn’t be a punk show if I didn’t wake up the next morning with bruises on my body, beer on my shirt, smelling like other peoples BO, pockets full of band buttons/stickers and ringing in my ears. On Saturday morning I definitely woke up knowing I was at a punk show the night before. I can tell you this-that night, in the pit, at the Leftover Crack show, there was absolutely no other place in the entire world I would have rather been. I love this band! Always have Always will!

If you get a chance to go to a Leftover Crack concert, GO! and headbang till your neck hurts!

See you in the Pit! ~Donnie~

Leftover Crack Live
Leftover Crack Live

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