MR.Skull Movie Reviews “Ghost in the Shell”

I was super excited for this movie when I saw the trailers for it, super excited! But after its release I saw the captions for some of the reviews and some of the scores if got from the vegetable review guys and started to feel bummed. I was considering not seeing this movie at all because I didn’t want to be let down.I was so pumped for this film, I thought maybe best to let Ghost in the Shell stay in my memory as the bad ass looking film from the previews and not the let down of a movie I saw in theaters.

But luckily last weekend I took a leap of faith and went to see it. The planets aligned if you will. But considering my hesitation I decided to go for IMAX 3D. My train of thought was that if the film sucked I could at lest review 3D IMAX because I haven’t seen a movie on that platform since Alice In Wonderland like 10 years ago on acid and that was a nightmare!

So there I sat in the theatre with my 3D glasses on, not on acid, about to watch a movie I had such high hopes for but wasn’t expecting much on account of the shitty reviews. Boy was In for a surprise!

First off I will mention the glasses. Not so weird as I remembered. Its was a cool effect having them on and seeing the images layered in the 3d effect. The downside being you have to look at the screen face forward, if you move to the side the image gets blurry,so you can’t move your head around or it gets fucked up. So as long as your head is upright facing forward it’s all good!Also the IMAX screen and sound I have been loving lately. Once you go IMAX you can’t go back!

Ghost poster

Ghost In the Shell was an awesome movie as far as i’m concerned. Cinematically,Story wise, acting, and music, etc. I enjoyed every part of this movie. I was afraid after seeing the preview that there was going to be a bunch of guns and violence but I was pleasantly surprised that the story was not driven by gunfights and killing. The “action” was just one part of this film not the whole story. It was great! I can’t wait to see it again! I’m considering spending the cash and going again to see it in the theatres. IMAX 3D of course! I’m not going to recommend or not recommend you see this film but I will say that I loved it!


Viewing method:                                     Regal Cinema IMAX 3d

MR.SKULL BONE RATING:                    (10 out of 10 Bones)

MR.SKULL movie Reviews
MR.SKULL movie Reviews

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